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This Confined Space online training helps you learn all about permit required confined space entry  to work in enclosed spaces safely. On successful completion of this course and the associated exam, you can earn an electronic Certificate and a Badge.

This training program consists of several modules as given below:

Course Background

Confined Spaces are found in almost all industries and business sectors. Every year hundreds of employees die every year from ignorance about working in such areas. The employees lose their life, the employers lose their best workers and also get fined by authorities. In the US and US administered territories OSHA regulations (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) apply. Elsewhere other regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction in that area have similar laws and rules regarding working in confined spaces. OSHA has clearly defined when an enclosed space needs to have a permit, but many business owners and managers are unaware of this, until it is too late.

The shocking fact is not only that so many workers get killed due to ignorance of working in such places, but also that most of these accidents are easily preventable by proper training and awareness.

What does this course contain?

This confined space training online, is divided into several modules that comprise text, full voice narration, animations and simulations, video case study simulations and more. Our subject matter experts in Confined Space Safety and Instructional Design have made this into an interesting and easily understood training course.

Module 1 -Introduction
Confined space definition
Identification of such work areas
Example-Storage tank with open manhole
Why confined space entry can be dangerous?
Types of Confined spaces

Module 2: PRCS
What are PRCS?
Case study 1
Example of an entry without safety precautions
Case Study -What happened
Atmospheric Monitoring
Alternative Entry Procedure
Non permit required Confined Spaces
Example for PRCS requirements
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146
Confined space Oxygen level, Explosivity & Toxicity
Temperature, Lighting, Moving Parts
Development of Procedures
Maintenance of Equipment
Other Requirements
Co-ordination, Cancellation & Reviews
Case study 2: Entry with precautions

Module 3: Confined Space Hazards
Lack of oxygen
Fire or explosion
Presence of toxic chemicals
Moving parts
Working conditions

Module 4 : Entry Permit System
OSHA requirements for Permit System
Permit Restrictions
Information in the permit
Sample Confined Space Permit

Module 5: Training Requirements and Duties
OSHA training requirement
Duties of Authorized Entrants
Duties of Entry Supervisors
Training courses for entrant, attendant and supervisor
Training programs

Module 6: Rescue and Emergency Services
Confined Space Rescue plan and Emergency Services
Outside Rescue Services
Outside Rescue-Response Time
Non Entry Rescue

Module 7- Self Assessment Test

By doing this, you can evaluate your own knowledge about this subject and also use it as a mock test before you take the confined space certification test.

Why you should get this course now?

If you are a worker or manager in a business or industry where your own work, or the work that you supervise,  could be in an enclosed space then be aware that this could fall under the definition of a Permit Required Confined Space. It is very important to be aware of enclosed space entry by taking adequate necessary precautions. Also your organization should have a proper permit system in place, so that you can manage these activities without any accidents or mishaps. This  OSHA confined space safety training course, is the fastest and easiest way to learn about working in these areas. Furthermore, you could take the associated exam and also get a certificate and an electronic badge on passing. This demonstrates to people outside your organization, whether they are your customers, clients,  employers or government inspectors, that you have undergone this training.

Why you should get this course from Abhisam?

Abhisam is the world leader in online training as well as  traditional classroom type training for technical professionals. We have trained thousands of engineers and technicians all over the world on all continents. Our learners come from Fortune 500 companies, individuals, government organizations as well as universities.

Why should I not read books instead?

There are many training manuals and books related to occupational safety and health, but very few on this particular topic. Those are good references, but you will appreciate that reading books and understanding them is slower than learning via animations, narrations and actual cases that are shown in the course. If you value your time, then you will appreciate that this course is the fastest way to learn this interesting but complex subject. You will also not get certified by reading a book.

Can I not get this information online for free elsewhere?

Of course you can spend hours of your valuable time, surfing the internet and trying to absorb all the info out there. But you will quickly find that it saps your energy, you spend 100 hours of your precious time trying to find nuggets of useful information from multiple sources and in the end there is no guarantee that the information that you collect is useful, truthful and authentic. By taking this  online training course, you can learn all the important need to know stuff in a matter of a few hours. The structure of the course is carefully designed, by a team of subject matter experts and learning designers,  to help you absorb everything in a logical manner. Lastly if you take the associated exam, you get a free certification, which you can never get by merely searching for information or reading books.

I just need a Confined Space Entry checklist and a Confined Space Entry Procedure. Where can I get it?

The checklist is below, for details on the procedure, please get this course.

Confined Space Safety Checklist
We are an organization (company, university, association, etc)? Can we use this course to train our employees/students/members?

Of course you can. We have special Enterprise pricing. If you need to record employee  or worker training activity and wish to get a record of their scores and certificates, then we can provide these records for you for your people who take the course. This helps in meeting your compliance requirements, where you may need to show to the authorities that your employees did in fact take the training, answered the exam questions and scored the points needed to pass. Please contact us at sales[at] to get a quote.

Can this course be provided in a SCORM or TinCan format for deployment on our own Learning Management System?

Yes, of course, but there will be a cost associated with this, because we will stream the course directly to your LMS server from our cloud based server. Please contact us at for a quote.