Hydrogen Sulfide

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Course Background:

Hydrogen Sulfide (molecular formula H2S) is a highly toxic (poisonous) as well as explosive gas that is found naturally in many places like oil fields, marshy areas, garbage dumps having decaying organic matter, as well as in many industrial processes as a by product. It has a smell similar to those of rotten eggs but it is toxic in even small concentrations in air and can kill humans and animals. It is also explosive. Thus handling and treatment of Hydrogen Sulphide gas has to be done only by trained and informed professionals. This online self paced training course gives you a good understanding of the properties as well as how to handle and treat it, including by the use of scrubbers, water and flares as various options.

After completing this free h2s online training course, you can also purchase  H2S certification online for a nominal fee.

What does this course contain?

This course consists of four modules with text, animations, graphics, real life examples and  a fifth module that is an assessment test. The course content is fully narrated for better understanding.

Details of these modules and the overview of the contents are given below the table of contents. You can access these contents, when you enroll in this course after you register (free).

The above modules consist of several topic pages having text, graphics, animations, voice narration and more. The details of each module are given below.

Module 1: Understanding H2S

  • Where is H2S found?
  • Sensing & H2S gas detection problems
  • H2S Properties
  • Handling of Hydrogen Sulfide

Module 2: H2S Risk Management

  • Introduction
  • What is Risk?
  • Reducing probability of occurrence
  • Reducing severity of the consequences
  • Risk Assessment techniques
  • Hazop worksheet example for H2S
  • HAZOP Recommendations
  • HAZOP Training
  • Managing Risk
  • Summary of Hydrogen Sulfide Risk Management

Module 3: Engineering Controls

  • Engineering Solutions
  • Closed Systems
  • Scrubbers
  • How an H2S scrubber works
  • Flare Systems
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Flare
  • Using Water Sprays
  • Periodic Inspections
  • H2S Gas Monitor

Module 4: Operator Training

  • Need for Operator Training
  • Hydrogen Sulphide Properties
  • H2S effects on humans
  • Assembly Points
  • Training on Scrubber
  • Use of water spray
  • Personal Gas Monitor
  • Portable Gas Monitors

Module 5: Assessment Test

This test enables you to test yourself as to how well you have understood this subject. You can also get a Certificate of Completion for this course when you pass the test (optional, on payment).

Why you should get this course?

This easy to understand, self paced course contains all the basic information that you need to know about Hydrogen Sulfide gas, if you are going to work in areas that have it such as in the Oil and Gas industry or the Steel industry or even in municipal waste management facilities. Many organizations require their employees to get trained in this before they can begin work, so that they are well aware of Hydrogen Sulfide gas hazards and dangers. If you wish, you can also get a Certificate of Completion (at a nominal cost) so that you can demonstrate that you have studied this.

Why you should get this course from Abhisam?

Abhisam is the leading provider of e-learning courses that can be taken online in a self paced manner. These courses arte not simply a video of a professor speaking, but have text, animations, videos, etc that make learning fun and easy. Besides, it is completely free, unlike other places where you need to pay.

Why should I not read books instead?

You are of course free to read books, but many times it becomes boring and you can learn easily if you watch animations alongwith the text and listen to what is being told. Humans learn via a variety of ways and this Abhisam e-learning course (that we call as an XPRTU) is a modern way to learn.

Can I not get this information online elsewhere?

Of course you can spend hours of your valuable time, surfing the internet and trying to absorb all the info out there. But in doing so, it drains your energy, you spend 10 hours trying to find nuggets of useful information and in the end there is no guarantee that the information that you collect is useful, truthful and authentic. By taking Abhisam’s free H2S gas training course online, you can save your time and energy. Plus you also have an option of getting a certificate for completing this course, which you do not have if you simply watch Youtube videos on the subject.

We are an organization (company, university, association, etc)? Can we use this course to train our employees/students/members?

Of course you can. If you need to record their training and wish to get a record of their scores and certificates, then a fee will be applicable. Contact us at sales[at]abhisam.com for details.

Can this course be provided in a SCORM or TinCan format for deployment on our own Learning Management System?

Yes, of course, but there will be a cost associated with this, because we will stream the course directly to your LMS server from our cloud based server, after which your learners can access this course alongwith your other courses in your own LMS. This allows you to maintain integrated training records and manage access internally. Please contact us at sales@abhisam.com for a quote for this option.