LOTO-Lockout Tagout-Blended

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In this course, you will learn about LOTO- short for Lockout Tagout. This is a very important topic in Occupational Safety and Health and directly affects the safety and wellbeing of workers in any workplace that has any kind of mechanical or electrical equipment. Thus LOTO is to be understood and followed not only in industries but also in any work environment including commercial buildings, warehouses, airports, maintenance/ overhaul shops and other places.

This course is part of the Abhisam blended learning suite and covers the following:

  • Hazardous Energy & Control

–Types of Hazardous Energy

–Control of Hazardous Energy

–What is Lockout Tagout?

  • Standards and legal requirements



–Fatal Five  main causes of injury

  • Lockout Tagout Procedures

–What is a Lockout/Tagout Procedure?

–When Lockout Procedures are Used?

–What Equipment Needs a Procedure?

–How to identify Equipment that needs a Procedure?

–Equipment and Energy source matrix

–Components of a Lockout/Tagout Procedure

–Information required in Lockout/Tagout Procedure

–Components of a Machine-Specific Procedure

–Generic Procedures and Their Limitations

–Lockout Tagout Sample Procedure

  • Who needs LOTO Training?
  • What Employers Must Do
  • Lockout Tagout Devices
  • OSHA Standard

On completion of this blended learning course, the learner can take the associated exam and earn a certificate from Abhisam.