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The Respiratory Protection course is to help you learn about Respiratory protection in the workplace including OSHA requirements.

We will be covering the following topics in the course:

  1. Why is Respiratory Protection necessary?
  2. Standards for Respiratory Protection
  3. When is Respiratory PPE necessary?
  4. What Respiratory PPE is needed?
  5. Donning, doffing, adjusting, wearing Respiratory PPE
  6. Limitations of Respiratory PPE
  7. Care & Maintenance of the PPE
  8. Lifespan & Disposal of the PPE

Respiratory Protection training-Background

Workplaces may have many different hazards that endanger worker safety. Organizations should implement proper engineering and administrative controls to manage these hazards. However, despite  these controls, all hazards may not be eliminated. Also, some hazards may exist only during emergency conditions, such as gas leaks or fires. Hence workers should be provided proper personal protective equipment (PPE for short) to protect themselves from injuries and damage to health.

Our respiratory system, including nose, air passages and lungs are very delicate and crucial to our overall health and well being. Unfortunately some workplace hazards are toxic to human respiratory systems, sometimes during normal operations (such as dusty workplaces) or during emergency situations such as a fire where smoke and fumes are generated.

All employers are supposed to provide proper personal protective equipment (PPE for short) to their employees who are subjected to workplace hazards. This includes respiratory protective equipment like gas masks, respirators, self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and so on. OSHA regulations in the US stipulate that employers must also provide respiratory protection training to their employees, in addition to providing them ppe for it. Similar regulations exist in other countries too.

Why you should get this course?

Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy work environment to their employees. Health and safety at work, including respiratory protection ppe, is an important aspect of many regulations and laws, in all countries of the world.

If you are an employer, then this course meets your obligations of having to conduct a training program for your employees that covers usage of respiratory protection ppe. Simply buy this course and grant access to the employees that need to be trained in respiratory protection.

This respiratory protective equipment training for your employees, is a quick and easy way of fulfilling your obligations as an employer.  Employees can easily access this training via  a PC/smartphone/tablet or a laptop/Macbook.

What benefits does the employer get?

Regulatory authorities in most countries, such as OSHA in the US, do require ppe compliance training for workplaces. This compliance e-learning course meets this requirement.

In earlier days, the employer could meet such training requirements by the handing over of a  personal protective equipment pdf document, or a ppe list to employees, or showing them a respiratory training ppt for awareness about respiratory protection, but mere delivering of bare bones training in such a fashion, did not fully meet legal requirements. Authorities began asking for training records, to prove that the employees did receive correct training. This was difficult to manage.

Today however, if your employees take the Abhisam Respiratory Protection training, then you get the option to get a complete training record for employees who took the training (we will give you a record of the course accessed, login date and time spent, test scores,etc).  This reduces your difficulty of maintaining such records manually. It is a great feature if you have multiple employees at multiple locations.

How do employees benefit?

All employees are required by law in most countries, to get trained in the use of adequate respiratory protection, via a respiratory training program. This e-learning course is an easy way to ensure compliance. You can take it while at home or work, since access can be through a laptops, PCs, tablets or smartphones and from any place in the world that has an internet connection. Physical presence of the employee at a fixed location and time is unnecessary.

After you complete the respiratory protection ppe e-learning course, you will have the option of  taking the test and on passing, earn an electronic badge and certificate that demonstrates that you took the training and passed it.

For Organizations- Enterprise Version

If you are an organization, then you need to buy one employee training seat for every employee. You could also subscribe to our comprehensive PPE training course that covers all kinds of ppe training including this respiratory protection training course. (This comprehensive training program can be accessed here). If you need the training record report facility, then please contact us. All purchases from a single employer for above 100 seats automatically qualify for this.