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What is Prettygoodcourses?

Prettygoodcourses is the new online learning portal of Abhisam, a leader in technical online training courses and ecourses, also referred to as e-learning. This portal enables professionals to learn hot in demand subjects, get certified and progress in their careers. We have the best online certificate programs available in different areas. You can browse our online training programs in our catalog here.

What ecourses are available?

Present ecourses include those related to Process Safety (such as HAZOP, Safety Instrumented Systems, Hazardous Area Classification, Hazardous Area Instrumentation,  Safe Chemical Warehousing, Gas Monitors & more), Occupational Health and Safety (such as Confined Space Safety, Head Protection, Eye and Face Protection, Body Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hand Protection, Feet Protection, Personal Protective Equipment and more), Instrumentation & Control Systems (such as Fieldbus, Hazardous Area Instrumentation, Industrial Cybersecurity and more), Wireless & IoT (such as RFID Technology).
You will also find some free ecourses on Hazardous Areas, Hydrogen Sulfide, Basic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as well as some mock tests on Functional Safety and Hazardous Areas.

How can I get free certification?

Every paid course, has an option to get free certification by passing the Abhisam associated exam and earning an electronic competency or completion certificate and an electronic badge, issued by Badgr.

Some free courses, such as the H2S ecourse, have an option of paid certification. You can access the Hydrogen Sulfide training online training course for free and if you wish, you can buy the Certificate of Completion.

Which new ecourses are in the pipeline?

Many more courses are being introduced every month, so it helps to check out the portal once in a while every few weeks. Coming soon are courses on Functional Safety, Basic Instrumentation & Process Control, Industrial Internet of Things , Courses on chemicals such as Propane, Process Safety Management and more.

How is this online learning platform different from Udemy, Coursera,  other MOOCs and Lynda?

This site is managed by Abhisam, the leaders in ecourses for engineers and technicians. It is not an online learning platform where anybody can start his or her own course instantly by opening an account. All subject matter experts (who are industry veterans with minimum of 20 years of actual technical experience, not just teaching or training) are carefully vetted by Abhisam, they give their inputs and then Abhisam creates the course with the help of Learning Designers, animators and programmers to create every ecourse.

Note that or courses that are on recently developed technology such as IoT or Blockchain, subject matter experts are people who have demonstrated competency in the subject for a few years, not necessarily 20 years (since for a new technology such as blockchain, one cannot have somebody with two decades of experience as blockchain did not exist 20 year ago!)

Every ecourse is of high quality, highly tuned to industry requirements, has actual use cases from the relevant industrial or technical sectors and ultimately condenses several decades of experience into a course that you can complete in just a few hours!

If you are a subject matter expert and you think you can contribute to an online learning program, then please get in touch with us via email.

Every e-learning course is a mix of text, voice, videos, animations, simulations, exercises, real life examples, photos and so on structured in a very logical and interesting manner, so that we start from Basic Concepts and then work our way up to the complex subjects.

It is not simply a Video or a series of videos with a guy or girl standing next to a whiteboard and speaking.

So our model is different from them.