Gas Monitors

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Hours: 10           Certification : Yes

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The Gas Monitors e-learning course enables you to learn all about Explosive, Toxic or other tyes of gas monitors and detectors, gas detection systems used in the industry.

The course consists of text, animations & simulations, videos and real life examples to quickly make you an expert in Gas Detection. The course has several modules as under

  1.  Gas Monitoring Fundamentals
    Introduction to Gas Monitors
    Basic Concepts
    Explosive and Toxic Gases
  2.  Types of Gas Monitors
    Catalytic Combustion type
    Electrochemical type
    Semiconductor detectors
    Infrared (IR) detectors
    PID (Photo Ionization Detectors)
  3.  Gas Monitoring Systems
    Open Systems
    Dedicated Systems
  4.  Installation, Calibration and Maintenance
    Planning and Installation of Gas Monitors & Systems
    Calibration & Testing
  5. Self Assessment Test

After you complete this Gas Monitors course, you can take an online certification exam that entitles you to an electronic certificate and badge on passing. The Badge can be displayed online on places such as LinkedIn and Facebook, showcasing your skill set in Gas Monitoring and Detection. This is a great way to demonstrate your capability to current and prospective clients and employers.

You will learn all about Gas Monitors in this course.

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Course Materials

Four modules having text, animations, simulations, videos and examples that enable you to learn everything that you need to know, followed by a Self Assessment Test that prepares you to take the Certification Test.