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The Hand Protection course is to help you learn about hand protection in the workplace including OSHA requirements.

We will cover the following topics for Hand Personal Protective Equipment (PPE for short)

1. Why is Hand Protection necessary?

2. What is the OSHA standard for Hand Protection?

3. Which Hand PPE should be used?

4. How to properly put it on, adjust, wear and take it off?

5. The limitations of Hand PPE

6. Proper care, maintenance, lifespan and disposal of Hand PPE.

Hand Protection training-Background

The  human hand is a highly evolved and complex part of our body. Indeed the entire progress and evolution of humankind has been possible due to this wonderful organ. Most of our work is done by our hands and it makes sense for us to protect them from injuries. Many workplaces have different hazards, that can cause injuries to hands. Some of these hazards may be chemical and biological hazards, not just physical. So exposure of these hazards via hands could be injurious to the entire health and safety of the worker, not just to his or her hands. Some of the hand physical injuries could be very traumatic and even be the cause of permanent disabilities. To protect workers from these, it is essential to use appropriate forms of hand protective equipment. This may include hand protection ppe such as hand gloves.

In the US,  OSHA guidelines deal with the employer’s duties regarding providing hand protection safety, via personal safety equipment, such as hand protection ppe  along with appropriate hand ppe training. Similarly regulatory norms and guidelines exist in every other country.

Why you should get this course?

Employers are responsible to ensure that all their workers always work safely, since health and safety at work, is an important aspect of many regulations and laws. The PPE standards, as given in the local regulations must be met. Employers not only should ensure that workers use the correct hand protection while working, but also ensure that they are trained in the usage of such proper ppe.

If you are an employer, then this e-learning course easily meets your obligations of having to conduct ppe safety training for your employees, that cover usage of hand protection PPE online. This course can be used to provide access to all those workers or employees, that need to be given hand ppe training. (Note: You need to buy one seat for every trainee, get in touch with us for bulk discounts in case you need more than 50 seats).

This is the easiest way of delivering hand protection training to hundreds, or even thousands of your employees scattered anywhere, across the state, country or world, almost instantly. All enrolled learners get trained in hand safety training, via their own devices including tablet computers, PCs, Macbooks, laptops and smartphones at any time or location of their choice. If you need ppe training for other body parts such as head ppe training, respiratory protection training or ear protection, then you can get the comprehensive ppe training package from us here, that includes hand protection training.

How do employers benefit from this?

All over the world, regulatory authorities (such as OSHA in the US and other similar agencies in any country)  require organizations of all sizes, to have ppe compliance training for employees in workplaces. This Abhisam compliance e-learning course fulfills this requirement completely, because it is made as per regulatory guidelines related to hand protection.

Before such ppe courses became available, the only options that an employer had,  were three of the following:

Option 1: was to hand out a personal protective equipment pdf, having a ppe list, to employees and ask them to read it.

Option 2: was to make them watch hand safety videos. However, evaluating and tracking whether anyone has actually understood  the personal protective equipment list and the individual ppe guidelines in it was a massive project, that wasted valuable time of the HR guys, as well as the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) guys.

Option 3: was to arrange a trainer to visit all the workplaces and conduct traditional one to one training for every employee. This of course was very expensive.

But now, you as an employer have a fourth, much better and easier option, which is, to simply subscribe to the hand protection e-learning course and have a complete training record for employees who took the hand ppe training course (we will give you a report of all learner actions such as login times, training modules accessed and the exam test scores). This easily meets OSHA requirements, or other regulatory authority compliance requirements. This compliance e-learning system is a scalable one, so you can cover hundreds and thousands of employees simultaneously, without breaking the bank.

Our learning management system at prettygoodcourses, is built on a robust e-learning platform that can handle thousands of learners easily.

How do your employees benefit?

All employees are  required by law, in most countries, to get trained in the use of adequate personal protection including that used for hand personal protection. This  hand ppe e-learning course, is an easy way to fulfill this requirement. Employees can take it while at home, or while commuting as a passenger (but do not take this while driving!), since access is via any standard device such as a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. They can access it from any place in the world that has an internet connection. Physical presence at one fixed location at a fixed time, is not at all needed and this is a big advantage over traditional mandatory ppe training.

After you complete the hand ppe e-learning course, you can take the associated test and on passing, earn an electronic badge and/or certificate, that demonstrates that you took the hand protection training and passed it.

Options for Enterprise customers

If you are an enterprise, such as a company, or an institute, then you need to buy one hand protection training seat for every employee or worker. If you need the training record report facility, then please contact us. All purchases from a single organization for above 100 seats automatically qualify for this.