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This free Hazardous Area online training course helps you understand the basics of hazardous areas. As you probably know, hazardous areas are those areas where the risk of Fire or Explosion is high, due to the presence of flammable mixtures of vapors, gases and dusts with air. This free course consists of three modules.  For more detailed courses with certification, you can get the Hazardous Area Classification course here and the Hazardous Area Instrumentation training course here.

Course Background

Hazardous Areas are those areas where the risk of fire or explosion is present due to the presence of flammable or explosive vapors, gases, dusts and fibers. These are found typically in oil and gas facilities such as offshore and onshore oil platforms, gas gathering stations, gas pipelines, chemical plants, gas based power plants, coal and bagasse based thermal power plants, steel plants, furnaces that burn oils or gases, textile processing plants and even metal or sugar dust processing plants.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only volatile hydrocarbons such as gasoline or acetone that can cause fires and explosions, even something as seemingly benign, such as a sugar processing plant can be the site of the next hazardous area explosion.

The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has made several safety videos that educate people such as engineers, technicians, plant managers and others about the dangers of hazardous areas. However, this does not seem enough since we continue to have such incidents all over the world.

Hence Abhisam came up with this free course on Hazardous Areas to make stakeholders easily understand the basic concepts of hazardous areas and how we can handle them.

Why you should get this course?

This course is the easiest way to learn about the basics of hazardous areas, for free. Consisting of full voice narration, animations and videos, this is a great way to learn the subject.

Can I get certified?

If you are looking for more indepth knowledge about this subject including how to do a Hazardous Area Classification, then you can take this course here. If you need a course about Hazardous Area Instrumentation that covers all the various methods of protection such as Explosionproof, Flameproof, Intrinsic safety, Increased Safety, Pressurization, Purging and so on, then take the course here.

Both these courses come with their own associated exam and you can get certified on passing them.

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