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Take this absolutely free Hazardous Area Quiz today and evaluate your own knowledge about Hazardous Areas. This quick mock exam helps you know how conversant you are with basic concepts of hazardous areas and how well you know them.

If you do not score well, do not worry. We have you covered! You can take the free Introduction to Hazardous Areas Training Course to know the basics of Hazardous Areas. You can also take our premium courses on Hazardous Area Instrumentation and Hazardous Area Classification, that are the best globally acknowledged courses related to Hazardous Areas and Classified Locations.

Very soon we will also have a premium training course on Intrinsic Safety that will cover everything that you wanted to know and learn about designing Intrinsically safe loops, but did not find the information online.

These easy online training courses are a mix of animations, videos, real life examples and case studies to make you a competent Hazardous Area Professional.

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