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Hours: 4                            Certification : Yes

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Access : Part of Blended Learning Suite


This course is part of the Abhisam Blended Learning suite. To access this course, please enroll in the Abhisam Process Safety and Environment Management training workshop.

In this course, you will learn

  1. What is toxicology?
  2. Why toxicology is important to engineers?
  3. What are the ways toxicants enter biological organisms?
  4. What are the ways toxicants are removed from biological organisms?
  5. What are the effects of toxicants on biological organisms?
  6. What are the methods to prevent or reduce the entry of toxicants into biological organisms?
  7. What are toxicological studies?
  8. How to derive the probability function for Response versus % population? What is the use of this in practice?
  9. What is the dose versus response curve? What is the use of such curves in practice?
  10. How to measure toxicity?
  11. What is relative toxicity? How to interpret the toxicity curves?

After you complete the course, you need to take the associated exam and pass it, to earn your Certificate. This credit forms part of the requirement for earning the Abhisam Certificate of Competency in Process Safety and Environment Management.