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Hours: 4                                                         Certification : Yes

Price : $60  for single user                      Access : 1 Year
$50 per user for 10 or more
$40 per user for 50 or more

Welcome to this Abhisam HaZCom Course on Propane, that will enable you to comply with OSHA regulations regarding Hazard Communication. This is suitable for employees who are involved in using or handling Propane in your facility.

This course is divided into several modules that will cover the following :
1. Name of the Chemical, Description of properties.
2. Hazard Identification.
3. Workplace exposure limits & flammability properties.
4. First Aid Measures.
5. Fire Fighting Measures.
6. Spill control & Emergencies.
7. Handling & Storage.
8. Workplace Control.
9. Personal Protective Equipment.
10. Label & Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
11. Hazard Communication Program.