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Course contents are given below :

  1. Why is Body Protection necessary?
  2. When is Body PPE necessary?
  3. What Body PPE is needed?
  4. Donning, doffing, adjusting and wearing it.
  5. Limitations of Body PPE.
  6. Care & Maintenance.
  7. Lifespan & Disposal.

Body Protection training-Background

Workplaces may have several hazards that can cause injuries to workers.  To protect workers from these, it is essential to use personal protective equipment (PPE for short). For this, Personal Protective Equipment training (PPE safety training for short) is needed. This includes body protection too.

In the US, OSHA regulations deal with the employer’s duties regarding provision of the right PPE to workers as well as PPE training to be given to them. This personal protective equipment includes body protection ppe such as full body protection suit, protective clothing worn during emergency situations such as fire resistant full body ppe suits (while carrying out firefighting) or safety clothing such as chemical aprons worn during handling hazardous chemicals.

Why you should get this course?

Employers are fully responsible for their employee’s safety at work. Health and safety at work is an important aspect of many regulations and laws, in all countries of the world. Employers should not only ensure that all of their workers, including contractors, have been provided with the proper personal protective equipment. Not only are employers obligated to provide the necessary ppe, but they are also supposed to train the workers in the correct usage of the ppe.

If you are an employer, then this course meets your obligations of having to conduct a training program for your employees that covers usage of body PPE online. Simply buy this course and grant access to the employees that need to be trained in Personal Protective Equipment including use of body ppe.

When you buy this body protection  e-learning course for your employees, you have an easy way of delivering this training to thousands of your employees across the country, or even across the world, almost instantly. Learners can be trained via their own devices including tablet computers, PCs, Macbooks, laptops and smart mobile phones at any time or location.

How do employers benefit?

OSHA in the US and other similar regulatory authorities in any country, do require ppe compliance training for workplaces. This compliance e-learning course meets this requirement in a number of ways. Of course you could simply distribute a personal protective equipment pdf to your employees but mere delivering of training in such a manner (however rudimentary it may be), does not fully meet your obligations. You also need to demonstrate that the employees took the training and maintain records to prove so. This is difficult to manage if your training is just showing a personal protective equipment list to your workers, or showing them a ppe training video.

On the other hand, if your employees take the Abhisam Body PPE training, then you get the option to get a complete training record for every person who took the training (we will give you a report of all learner activity including login times, modules accessed and the test scores). This reduces your compliance headaches substantially, especially if you have hundreds of employees at different locations.

How do employees benefit?

All employees are duty bound by laws in most countries, to get trained in the use of adequate personal protection. This body protection e-learning course is an easy way to meet this requirement. You can take it while at home, or commuting as a passenger (but not if you are yourself driving), since you can access it through a laptop or PC or smartphone or tablet from any place in the world that has an internet connection. You need not be physically present at a particular time or place. You can do it over the weekend or whenever you can or want to take it. It is entirely your choice.

After you complete the body protection ppe e-learning course, you will have the opportunity to take the associated test and on passing, earn an electronic badge that demonstrates that you took the training and passed it.

Enterprise Versions

If you are an organization, then you need to buy one employee training seat for every employee. If you need the training record report facility, then please contact us. All purchases from a single employer for above 100 seats automatically qualify for this.