Industrial Cybersecurity (Standard)

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Hours: 20       Certification : Yes

Price : $ 695     Access : 3 years

The Industrial Cybersecurity Course covers all aspects of Industrial Cyber security.

The course is useful for Automation, Instrumentation, Control Systems, Electrical Engineers who work with DCS/PLC/SCADA/SIS systems and also for IT Cybersecurity Professionals, who need to understand the security aspects of these systems. The course consists of the following modules

1. Overview of Industrial Automation & Control Systems (DCS / PLC / SCADA /SIS).

2. Basic Concepts of Cybersecurity.

3. IACS Threats, Vulnerabilities & Attacks.

4. IACS Security Standards & Practices.

5. IACS Cyber Risk Assessment & Mitigation.

6. Case Study- Stuxnet.

7. Self Assessment

After you complete this course, you can take an online certification exam that entitles you to an electronic certificate and badge on passing. The Badge can be displayed online on places such as LinkedIn and Facebook, showcasing your skill set in Industrial Cybersecurity. This is a great way to demonstrate your capability to current and prospective clients and employers.

Course Materials

Individual Modules with text, graphics, animations & videos, followed by a Self assessment Test and a Certification Exam