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 GHS Training Course (GHS Essentials course)

This GHS Training course is meant for frontline workers and operators who are involved in handling, storage or processing of chemicals. The UN Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals is an international chemical classification and labeling system, created by the United Nations and adopted by several countries in the world. It is essential training for workers and operators to know about this system in order to correctly identify & understand the system. This means they should be able to understand not only labels on chemicals including GHS  Symbols, but also understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

This course covers the need for the GHS, its main features and helps in understanding the GHS pictograms, symbols, GHS labels and format of SDS.

This GHS Essentials course can be taken by frontline workers and operators who directly handle and process chemicals.

Is this a free GHS Training Course?

No, this is a premium GHS Training course for workers, frontline employees and others who need to know the Globally Harmonized System for the classification and labelling of chemicals very well. This is a fully self-learning course.

Is this a GHS Powerpoint or GHS Training Video?

This is a full fledged GHS Training course. It is not a simply powerpoint presentation or a simple video.

Is there a GHS Quiz included?

All learners must take the built in self-assessment test that evaluates their knowledge of GHS after they complete the course. This is required in order to earn a certificate of completion.

Is this GHS Training course suitable for Managers and Supervisors?

For Managers and Supervisors, we have another course titled “GHS for Managers and Supervisors” which can be accessed here.

What does this GHS Training Course cover?

This GHS training course covers the following:

  1. Chemical hazards due to properties of chemicals and their health effects and impact on the environment.
  2. Globally Harmonized System of Hazards Classification & Communication which is in use globally, known as GHS.
  3. How to read GHS hazard classification labels & GHS pictograms.
  4. The meaning of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and how to make use of them.
  5. Self Assessment Test

Do you offer this for Enterprises?

Yes, this course is suitable for organizations and enterprises who wish to train a large number of their employees in the basics of GHS. This course can be deployed almost instantly to thousands of employees and they can access it on the go via not only their computers (Laptops/PCs) but also via smartphones and tablets.

Do we get Reports?

Sure, if you subscribe to the Enterprise version, you can get a dashboard that shows the learner activity. You can view logins and test scores, see which modules have been accessed and so on. This helps in Training Records Management and can be used to demonstrate compliance easily.