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What-If Analysis Training Course

The What If analysis method is a well known risk assessment technique used in many industries and business sectors. In the process industry, the What-If technique can be used very well to carry out hazard and risk assessment of any process plant or facility, quickly and easily. This is considered one of the quicker methods to carry out a PHA (Process Hazard Analysis)

Is this an alternative to HAZOP?

What-If is a good alternative to using the Hazard and Operability Study method (HAZOP), especially when there are constraints on time and not all information about the process is available. It can be quickly used to assess the current risk level of the plant or facility. If you would like to know about other Process Safety related courses, then you can also take a look at our HAZOP Training Course and the LOPA Training Course.

What does this course contain?

This What-If analysis course helps you understand the basics of carrying out Risk Assessment including understanding concepts of Hazards,  Risks, Risk Assessment in actual plants.

The course includes examples from real life plants, where the What-If analysis technique can be used. A full case study is also included, where you will study a near real life example from ABC Industries, who are setting up a new chemical manufacturing facility as part of their existing plant.

You will learn how a risk assessment can be carried out using the What-If technique. The What-If  templates for worksheets can be used in your own hazard and risk assessment projects.

This course has been divided into 5 modules. They are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Understanding Hazards, Risks & Risk Assessment.
  • Module 2 – Risk assessment techniques.
  • Module 3 – Methodology of What-if analysis.
  • Module 4 – Case study.
  • Module 5 – Self Assessment Test.

Will I get a Certificate when I complete the What If course?

You can earn a Certificate of completion from Abhisam after you complete all the modules and pass the associated exam. You will also earn an electronic badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile or displayed online to demonstrate your skills and achievements to your contacts.