How to be a certified HAZOP Leader

What is HAZOP?

HAZOP is short for Hazard and Operability Study. It is the most popular PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) technique used today to identify hazards in process plants and find out means to reduce their impact or completely mitigate them. Guide words are used to find out deviations in the process to find out if these deviations from the intentions can cause harmful consequences.

The HAZOP Leader Certification course is for experienced industry professionals who wish to become a Certified HAZOP Leader and lead Hazard and Operability Studies as HAZOP Chairman or HAZOP Chairperson.

Abhisam HAZOP Leader

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Where can I learn more about HAZOP?

Abhisam introduced their own HAZOP course more than a decade back, perhaps the first full fledged, self paced e-learning course on the subject anywhere in the world, when people were not that familiar with the concept of e-learning or online learning for HAZOP or any other technical topics.

Since that first version, the course has been modified and improved several times and today it is one of the most comprehensive and popular courses on HAZOP in the world. It has been taken by thousands of engineers and managers from all continents of the globe (except Antartica).

This course covers everything about the HAZOP Method for carrying out hazard and risk assessment. Not only does it cover the HAZOP methodology itself, but it also covers important facets such as Control HAZOP/Computer HAZOP (known as CHAZOP), human factors guide words, assessment and standards/practices related to HAZOP such as the IEC 61882 standard.

It also includes a detailed Case Study, as well as an audit of the HAZOP Study carried out. This gives you an excellent grounding in the technique and builds your competency to a very high level.

The course consists of several animations and simulations, videos, real life examples from industry, case studies and actual worksheets. After you complete all this you can take the associated Abhisam exam to earn a Certificate of Competency as a HAZOP Professional.

Why do we need a HAZOP Leader course?

Being skilled in the Hazard and Operability methodology and overall technique, is one aspect of conducting an effective risk assessment of a plant or a facility. However it is more than just knowing the method, when you actually conduct such sessions, you should also have other skills such as managing diverse teams, demonstrating technical leadership, dealing with the company management, meeting schedules, resolving conflicts and working with incomplete data.

To build these skills, Abhisam has the only HAZOP Leader course that can be taken online and is fully self paced.

What is the HAZOP Leader Certification course?

It consists of 10 e-learning modules that you need to complete, an online exam that you need to pass and an assignment that you need to carry out and submit for evaluation by our experts.

How do I become a certified HAZOP Leader?

The course is designed to be taken by experienced industry professionals who wish to lead HAZOP sessions and act as HAZOP Chairman or Chairperson.

The participant should have at least a Bachelors degree/Diploma in any technical subject (Engineering/Science/Technology), at least 5 years of actual industry experience (not necessarily related to safety), a previous experience in being a participant in an actual HAZOP Study OR having formal training (such as the Abhisam HAZOP Professional Course or equivalent). You may be asked to submit your CV to demonstrate that you meet the minimum eligibility criteria. Your information will only be used to establish your eligibility and it will not be displayed anywhere or shared with any other entity.

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, then you can take this course here.  On completing these three requirements, you will earn the title of Certified HAZOP Leader with a certificate and an electronic badge that you can display on your Linkedin profile and other places online, for great visibility.

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