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The HAZOP Leader course is a self paced e-learning course that covers all aspects of HAZOP Leadership that is essential in chairing and leading Hazard and Operability Studies in industry. To be eligible, participants need to have at least 5 years experience in industry, coupled with a formal training in being a HAZOP Professional ( Abhisam HAZOP training course or similar course from any other provider) OR actual participation in one or more HAZOP Study sessions.

What is HAZOP?

HAZOP is an acronym for Hazard and Operability Study. Since its introduction in the 1960s, it has become one of the most popular hazard and risk assessment methods, that’s employed in many process industries, not just as a hazard identification & reduction tool, but to also enhance operability of operations.

Abhisam was one of the first organizations in the world who had come up with a self-paced, software based training course (e-learning course on the HAZOP technique). This is today known as the HAZOP Professional course and up to now in the past ten years, thousands of professionals, all around the globe, have experienced this course and got certified as HAZOP Professionals.

What’s the HAZOP Leader course about?

As you already know, HAZOP Studies are generally performed as a group effort. The HAZOP Study group is headed by a skilled practitioner, who’s designated the HAZOP Leader (also known alternately as a HAZOP Chairman, since the person chairs the HAZOP Study). Carrying out HAZOP Studies, necessitates not just a high level of technical skills in assessing hazards, risks and thinking about mitigations, but also needs fantastic management abilities, so the investigation
comes out with actionable insights that can actually reduce the risk level of the plant or equipment being assessed.

A great HAZOP Leader, in addition to being an expert in methodology and standards, must also have other leadership skills such as Technical Leadership, Team Management where the members are all knowledgeable experts, Conflict management, Project management and interacting with higher level executives, so that the deliverables schedule can be met without compromizing on the accuracy or quality of the HAZOP review.

This training course contains an extensive overview of the HAZOP procedure and comprehensive case studies of typical plant unit operations.

What is the difference between the Abhisam HAZOP Professional Course and the HAZOP Leader Course?

The Abhisam HAZOP  Professional training program, is all about learning the concepts, techniques, types and varieties of HAZOP including CHAZOP. This program is a higher level course that covers aspects of managing and conducting a HAZOP Study.

For being a HAZOP Leader in addition to above, you also need leadership abilities. This implies having the skill to handle a group of highly competent professionals, to run the Hazard and Risk Assessment Study, taking the view of all the team members who help you and having the ability to direct them to some logical decision, having the ability to handle conflicts and egos and a whole lot more!

Along with a detailed review of the HAZOP procedure, the course also focuses on other areas associated with management.

By participating in the Abhisam HAZOP Leader e learning course, not only will you have the ability to run these sessions easily, you’ll have the ability to deliver value to the owner/operator of the plant or facility for which the HAZOP is being conducted, who might be investing billions in the facility

What does the program consist of?

The HAZOP Leader Program consists of several e-learning modules (scroll below to see) that must be completed online. After that the participant takes the HAZOP Leader exam and also submits a Case Study (case will be given by Abhisam). The case submission will be evaluated by Abhisam’s HAZOP experts.

Upon successfully passing the exam and case study evaluation, the participant will earn the title of Certified HAZOP Leader with a certificate and electronic badge that can be displayed online on professional networks such as LinkedIn.

The certificate is valid lifelong (no expiry).

How do I enroll in the HAZOP Leader program?

You can submit details about yourself that show that you are eligible to participate. If found eligible we  will then send you a payment link. You can start as soon as your payment is made.

Customer Testimonial

I have worked in the International Oil and Gas Industry as a technical instructor for more than thirty years. Most of my work has been with those whose first language is not necessarily English; hence “understanding” can be a problem!

I have both used and recommended the products of Abhisam including the HAZOP Course. My field of work has been in the areas of instrumentation and automation.  The materials are presented in a very professional manner being clear, concise and very easy to understand.
I recommend them highly to all engineers and technicians in our industry. They are excellent and I recommend them highly. No praise is too great!!

John Longden
GCGI LCGI. Senior Trainer
Petroleum Training Institute, UK

Are there any other Process Safety Courses available?

We have many other Process Safety related courses available including those on HAZOP, LOPA, What-If analysis. You can see all our online training courses here.